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Recently Added Snippets

Estilo básico para menus horizontais CSS     836     0

Código básico para criar um menu horizontal usando CSS3.

Hide Scrollbars Until Hover CSS     1272     1

Hide scrollbars until someone hovers over the area. Check out an example here - http://www.codeit …

Redirect with a Timer Javascript     1155     0

You can use JavaScript window.location to redirect a visitor to a required page. You may have seen …

Style dt and dd so they are on the same line HTML     1667     0

Style html definition list so that it appears on one line.

Scroll To Top Javascript     1089     0

Jquery script to scroll to the top of page.

Decimal to hexadecimal converter Javascript     1014     0

Convert decimal numbers to hexadecimal with this simple javascript function.

Apple Icons and Favicon HTML     1144     0

Use the following the code to add apple icons and a favicon to your website.

Bootstrap HTML HTML     1312     0

Following is a basic template to use when implementing bootstrap into your website.

Detect Location by IP (City, State) PHP     1294     0

Find location of city and state by IP address, returns "City, State" if found otherwise defaults to …

Social media meta tags HTML     1220     0

Meta tags used for social media.

Table relationship query SQL     1138     0

A query that lists all the tables with relationships to other tables, showing what columns are …

Adjust Server Time PHP     1168     0

Sometimes the time set on your server isn't accurate to what your local time is. If you can't …

Create a page top shadow in CSS3 CSS     1197     0

CSS3 code to create a page top shadow.

URL Validation PHP     1307     0

Snippet to validate a url

Get Width/Height of Image PHP     1151     0

If all you have for an image is the URL, you can still find the dimensions.